• Dr Daniel Farrant

Grounding: Riding out the storm

This is a useful skill when you feel strong emotions that seem overwhelming. Of course things like talking to someone, watching TV, going for a run, taking a long shower, doing chores, or doing something you really enjoy can help too. But this is a great skill to help calm your body and mind when you need to.

  1. Sit down, stand in one place, or concentrate on walking slowly

  2. Take some nice long breaths into your belly (if this is a new skill for you, go here, or here, for some guidance on good breathing)

  3. Notice your feet on the floor. Concentrate on the feeling of your feet on the ground.

  4. Notice your body in the chair, or the feeling of your clothes or air on your body

  5. Keep breathing

  6. Notice your surroundings. Name 5 things you can see. Pay attention to how things look (the shapes, colours, textures, the light and shadow falling on them)

  7. Keep breathing

  8. Notice the sounds around you. Pay attention to one sound for a while, then switch to another.

  9. Try to be patient, and keep doing these things until you start to feel the intensity of the emotion reduce.

Remember, it can take strong emotions a while to pass sometimes. The goal with this practice isn't to make the feeling disappear, but to breathe, and make room for the feeling, and other things as well (things you can touch, see, and hear around you).

Trying to get rid of feelings doesn’t often work, but making room for feelings, and other sensations, can help.

This is a great skill to use when you get caught up in thought and feelings, and when things might normally 'spiral' and get worse. It's a great way to stay grounded and let the storm come and go.

Grounding helps at other times in life too, and it's good to practice when you feel calmer - so you can do it when you need it. I'd suggest giving it a go soon!

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